Day Care Center application approved by DRB

By Carol Casey

At its meeting on Sept. 4, the Development Review Board (DRB) approved an application by Katie Gonyaw on behalf of Ascension Childcare, Inc. for conditional use and site plan approval for a day care center at 2386 Shelburne Road. The site on the west side of Shelburne Road between Allen and Locust Hill Roads, formerly housed a furniture store. The DRB’s approval came with the condition that a “right turn only” sign be posted at the exit from the facility so that patrons do not attempt a left turn across traffic into the northbound lane of Shelburne Road. Gonyaw hopes to have the facility open by Thanksgiving, providing childcare services to 58 children between the hours of 7:30 am and 5:30 pm on weekdays. Under the terms of the approved application, the center could grow to serve 75 children.

The DRB also approved a design review application from Paul and Sabine Budnitz for replacing an existing front yard fence, a stone patio, and the rotting siding on their garage at 888 Falls Road.

The DRB continued the other four items on their agenda until their next meeting on Sept. 21.  Brian Precourt, the chair of the Planning Commission, will also be at that meeting to solicit comments from the DRB concerning any changes or clarifications of zoning regulations that they may wish to suggest.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, David Palmer asked the DRB to reconsider their decision at their previous meeting when they denied his appeal of a notice of violation concerning the operation of a wood processing operation on his property. Mark Sammut, the chair of the DRB, reiterated that the DRB had no choice but to abide by the advice of the town attorney and urged Palmer to ask the Planning Commission to consider adding wood processing as a permitted use in a rural district.

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